Monday, February 17, 2014


We have been home 7 weeks and have come sooo far. Jesse is spewing out new English words each day, and understanding more and more all the time.  He is eager to listen to his native language on occasion (meaning I talk into Google Translate so he can listen). It seems to bring him some peace from time to time.

We are still in awe how the Lord has carried us through this entire process of adopting Jesse.  He provided time and again prior to leaving for China.  Since we have come home, God has provided us with many angels to assist us in this amazing journey.  We are so thankful for the families at our church that have provided meals and support to us the last 7 weeks, what a blessing!  It is amazing to see how Jesse is getting more and more familiar and comfortable at church too!  Each of Jesse's leaders have embraced him and made him feel special to be a part of their group.  He enjoys going to church on Sunday and listening to the stories, sing worship songs, and follow instructions for the activities and crafts. He especially looks forward to Awana and the fantastic angels who help him there each Wednesday.

In addition to our church family, we have been blessed to have several special angels assist with translation.  I did not know any of these ladies prior to December, but God strategically placed them each in our lives.  These angels have joyfully accompanied us to the eye doctor and ultrasound appointments.  One even came to our house (which was a very long drive for her!) to help us translate some pictures we received of Jesse's foster family.  One angel made homemade dumplings (Jesse's favorite!!) for Jesse for Chinese New Year.  It is so touching for me to see how God is still taking care of us, even after being home.

Our family and friends have embraced us and welcomed Jesse, like he has always been a part of our family.  Thank you to all of the angels!  We praise God for His provisions, always at the perfect time.

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