Monday, July 22, 2013

Dossier Sent to China

On Friday, July 19th, our dossier was approved by our adoption agency and mailed to China.  We should get our 'log in date' in the next 2-4 weeks.  The log in date means that the China portion of our agency has received our dossier.  It will take time for them to translate the paperwork into Mandarin.  The estimate travel date to bring Jesse home is 5-8 months.

God has been so faithful and He has continued to fill our lives with amazing friends and strangers who are prayerfully supporting this adoption. It is so exciting to see the body of Christ move to care for orphans.  Our garage sale went well and we are humbled to see the generosity of those close to us and those we do not know who want to do what they can to bring Jesse home.  Thank you to all who helped with our garage sale.  Here are a couple of pictures from our garage sale:

Ethan operated his own lemonade, cookie and brownie stand.  He was excited to share with everyone that he was saving this money for his brother in China!

Brianna set up and sold many bracelets and necklaces!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dossier Complete

Ethan shared with us yesterday that after we say good night to him each night and close the door he prays that Jesse will be ours.  I love his faith and dependence on God.  We are now step closer to making sure that Jesse is ours.

Our paperwork returned from the Chinese consulate yesterday with all of the authentication needed!  We quickly sent our now completed dossier to our adoption agency.  However, due to the US Consulate in China moving and being in a transition stage, our dossier will not get reviewed until closer to August.  However, during this transition time, we are now able to think beyond the paper chase and more on transitioning Jesse into our home and our culture.

These are just a few of the amazing ways God has orchestrated this adoption and Jesse's transition so far:

  • God has brought many families into our lives that have adopted 'older' children from foreign countries.  
  • God has given us neighbors in which one speaks Mandarin (Jesse's native language) and whom is very willing to help with translations (and has already translated videos of Jesse for us).
  • God has placed a family in our life that has a child with very similar vision needs.
  • God has placed us in a great church with the most amazing support, through its orphan care ministry. 
  • God has provided a wonderful family that has been instrumental helping us understand the visual needs of Jesse and already providing consultations of what to expect when he comes home.  
  • God has surrounded our family with prayer warriors in support of this adoption.  For that we are forever blessed.
Now, we get to work on putting together a small birthday package to send to Jesse, complete with a photo album.  :) 

Updated picture of Jesse

Documents for dossier