Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Love this new kid on the block

Jesse is such a helper and pleaser.  He absolutely loves to lend a hand where needed (or not so needed), and is eager to finish the job.  Each time there was snow, he is the first to help shovel and will not quit until the job is done.  When the garbage trucks drive by, he is the first to run out in the freezing cold and bring the cans back in for me.  When the dishes need to be loaded or the table cleaned, he is eager to help until the job is done. His work ethic is amazing and he doesn't do it for the reward (usually a high five), but rather because it is ingrained in him to work hard until the job is done.  Some of my other children can hopefully learn from this!

Jesse has worked hard each day this week at learning the next part of his Bible verse for Awana (John 3:16).  He is eager to share the verse with his favorite Awana leader (Ms. Martha!) and to earn the gems that Ethan has on his vest, but he also knows that he needs to work hard at achieving, and we see him working hard each day.

Communication improves each day and there are less outbursts (from all of us) and more conversations (verbally or charades style) to help each other understand expectations.  Jesse is always the first to pray, gather for devotion and bring a Bible to one of us when he wants to read.

This week he learned his letter 'A'.  We worked on every craft, worksheet, book, etc to help him learn his 'A'.  It was a success, however he is completely flabbergasted for the fact that our alphabet has 2 symbols (upper case and lower case) for each letter.  So, we are sticking with upper case for now.  He can write his name all on his own, with no help or prompting.  He actually has neat handwriting and impresses us with learning to write his name so quickly.

God's presence is so clear each day and we are so thrilled to be following his will and loving this sweet boy who God has entrusted to us for the time being.

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